Atomic Backland FR 109 W

Atomic Backland FR 109 W



DIMENSIONS: 133-109-123

RADIUS: 17.5m 

PRODUCT FEATURES: HRZN Tech • Carbon Backbone • Step

Down Sidewall 2.0 • Light Woodcore
DESCRIPTION: The fattest ski in our range of freeride powder chargers for women. We’ve built the Atomic Backland FR W 109 ski for women skiers who rip in powder. It looks amazing, but more importantly, it feels amazing. With a Light Woodcore, fat 109 waist, revolutionary HRZN Tech and Powder Rocker in tip and tail for awesome oatation, the Backland FR W 109 is most at home when it’s waist deep. 

100% of the proceeds from all Moving Mountain sales will be directly donated to the charity of your choice (see non-profit page). We have only one size for all skis and all sales are final.

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