Line Sick Day 104

Line Sick Day 104



DIMENSIONS: 137-104-121

RADIUS: 19.3 @ 179cm 

PRODUCT FEATURES: Magic Fingers Carbon Filaments TM

• AspenliteTM Core • 5-CutTM Geometry • Capwall Construction
• Directional Flex
DESCRIPTION: Completely retooled and reimagined, the
new LINE Sick Day 104 is a insanely lightweight, do-anything, crudbusting rocket ship built for intergalactic arcing. Rail on hardpack, break the tails loose in variable, and plane in pow. Tying in a nimble feel with the perfect blend of rocker and taper, the Sick Day 104 will be your everyday ski for good times. What- ever, wherever — she goes, bud. 

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